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Parish Council Meeting 21 November 2017

1. Apologies
2. Code of Conduct
3. Items for consideration by members of the public
4. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting on Tues 19 Sept 17
5. Matters arising from those Minutes from 19 Sept 17
6. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting on Tuesday 17 Oct 17
7. Matters arising from those Minutes from 17 Oct 17
8. Visitors
9. HS2 Funding
10. Correspondence & general items for discussion
11. Chairman’s Items
a. Clerk Appraisal
12. Parish Councillor/clerk items
13. Finance
a. Precept
14. Planning
15. High Speed Rail Link

Parishioners are cordially invited to attend this meeting and a time is set aside at the commencement of meetings to raise issues with the Parish Council. If you would like to place any item on the agenda or make a presentation to the council please contact the Parish Clerk in advance on 07778 267193

HS2 updates

New HS2 reports and updates available

Please see the News/HS2 tab at top of home page for updates and the documents tab for more information.

Roundup of HS2 information

23.10.2017 Ecological Mitigation and Ground Investigation reports available, look under Parish Council, Documents

12.10.2017 HS2 Drop in surgery on 01 Feb 18 in WI Hall

12.10.2017 HS2 Drop in surgery on 26 Oct 17 in WI Hall
See documents page for details

06.03.2017 Village update what to expect next

Mr Tahir Ahmed, HS2 Engagement Manager Area North attended the February Parish Council Meeting. Following Royal Assent for the Hybrid Bill, he will assume the role of main liaison and contact between the Parish Council, HS2 and proposed contractors, a joint venture Laing O'Rourke Construction Ltd and J. Murphy and Sons Ltd (Laing Murphy)

Whilst he believed that it could possibly be 2018 before work would commence in Drayton Bassett, ground investigation work within the Parish would start in the near future. This entails the examination and study of the soil, rocks and groundwater below the surface at various points along the route to ensure the design and work is done safely, economically and in the most efficient manner. It is likely therefore that in the coming weeks/months you may see people in High Viz jackets undertaking these surveys within the Parish
Another reminder Drayton Bassett Parish Council requires more individuals to volunteer to sit on the Council. In the event that these are not forthcoming , the Parish Council may cease to function, with responsibility for decisions ( such as the implementation of HS2 ) taken elsewhere.

27.02.2017 Update from Tahir Ahmed HS2 engagement officer
As you will be aware, Phase One of the new High Speed Two Railway (HS2), the part of the route between the West Midlands and London, received Royal Assent yesterday.

Please contact Parish Clerk if you need copies mentioned below

-A copy of the Route Wide Community Update. This was distributed to communities 1km and 300m from the line (in rural and urban areas respectively)
-A copy of the Home Owner Payments Guidance and application form (the letters to eligible property owners have been sent)
-The Rural Support Zone guidance and form for your use (also available on line at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hs2-phase-one-homeowner-payment-scheme-guidance-and-application-form )
-Useful Information on Royal Assent

Two funds, worth £40 million, are now open for bids: the Community and Environment Fund (CEF) and the Business and Local Economy Fund (BLEF). The CEF will help enhance community facilities, improve access to the countryside and conserve the natural environment, while the BLEF will support local economies in areas where businesses may experience disruption from the construction of HS2.

The CEF and BLEF together make up £40 million and will be allocated at a regional level: £15 million for the central area (Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire), £7.5 million for Greater London and £7.5 million for the West Midlands (Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry). The remaining £10 million will fund cross-border or route wide projects.

The website for the funds is now: www.groundwork.org.uk/hs2funds.

23.02.2017 HS2 gets Royal Assent
The parliamentary bill for the first phase of the High Speed 2 project received Royal Assent on February 23, marking the final legislative step before full civil works can begin.